3D KineMatrix
3D KineMatrix

3D KineMatrix

A living and weightless 3D sculpture of water, light and motion.

A development of MKT AG and

HB Laserkomponenten GmbH


Together we have set ourselves the goal of
creating something unique from the individual
products 3D
 HydroMatrix and Kinetic.
A living and weightless 3D sculpture of water, light and motion.

3D HydroMatrix modules with 10 nozzles and 10 RGBW LEDs each contain all components necessary for water and lighting staging.
The modules can be placed in any arrangement
adapted to the project.

For Three-dimensional vivid sculptural animations we recommend the arrangement as a matrix.
 HydroMatrix HD with 50 mm or
 HydroMatrix SD with 100mm pitch.

The Kinetic assemblies can also be flexibly scaled and
any object in the room can be moved over the
 HydroMatrix three-dimensional and interact with
the water and light.

Interactive control can be optionally implemented
directly and adapted to the respective project.
Playfully light and lively, emotionally captivating and
gripping, the interplay of all media affects young and

3D KineMatrix adapts to every urban
environment and conveys positive captivating
emotions on a unique level.

3D KineMatrix can be scaled to fit any situation.

3D KineMatrix can interact interactively with the

3D KineMatrix can be flexibly combined with other
media (video, laser, light, sound, fog)

3D KineMatrix can be used commercially and
transports messages with sustained positive feedback.